E-commerce is an e-commerce portal that delivers farm fresh produce to households and companies across the UAE. Their success factor has depended on them searching and sourcing the finest quality produce from the most experienced farmers.

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Lily Marconnet


After solely specializing in ready-made "fruit and vegetable boxes" for the first few years, Farmbox decided to expand their product lines and offer a wider range of produce. They now offer a huge range of fruits, vegetables, poultry, dairy, eggs, juices, teas and more. As a result their website had to evolve.


  • Keep SEO history
  • Maintain previous rankings
  • Improve SEO traffic
  • Increase number of ranked non-branded keywords
  • Increase SEO conversions on non-branded keywords


Technical SEO

Having an SEO agency who can support a client during a migration is tremendous to avoid some costly development mistakes that can hinder results in the future. We advised Farmbox to avoid launching their new website in a hurry with just a single page (using mainly Javascript). It would have been a terrible mistake that would have erased their existing SEO performance and prevented them from ranking on all of their strategic queries.

We helped Farmbox in every step of the website development, by creating guidelines for their development team to follow around the architecture of the website, page structure, migration plan, elements to include in their html code.

Semantic study

After establishing a semantic study for their company, we were able to select the right keywords to use across the website, whether it was for the title tags, Hn tags or the pages' content. It also helped identify some interesting editorial topics to write about in the blog section.


Farmbox is now ranking on the 1st page of Google for some very competitive keyword. Their website has also started to rank for other strategic queries, but there is still optimization work in process in order to achieve TOP SEO rankings on Google.

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Feb 2020

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