Kiehls is a skincare, beauty and cosmetic brand from the L’Oreal group. Kiehls products are available in Kiehls shops and other brick and mortar stores. The brand is recognised for the high quality of its products as well as the quality of natural ingredients they include in their formula. Kiehls started its own e-commerce website in 2018. The products are also distributed online via its online partner distributors such as Ounass.

Performance advertising
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Edouard Daou, Monika Formanowicz


Kiehls reckons that its visibility and market share online doesn’t equal it’s performance offline. They aim to correct the situation with their own e-comm website, they therefore have aggressive targets in terms of month over month online revenue growth.


  • Identify its online target customer
  • Use e-comm as an additional revenue source
  • Increase its online presence


Targeted conversion strategy

Our strategy had to answer high expectations in getting results in a limited time period, but also high expectations in terms of ROI. We opted for a targeted conversion strategy to convert the maximum of potential clients already down in the funnel of conversion.

Capturing relevant users on search

We decided to leverage the product awareness of Kiehls to boost our ROI. Indeed, we noticed that more than 70% of Kiehls purchasers were using Kiehls specific terms in their search. Kiehls clients are very much aware of the ingredients entering the composition of their cosmetics and the concern they treat. Therefore we qualified the traffic to be captured by our campaigns with terms related to the knowledge of Kiehls products and with terms related to a precise need specification. We built about a 100 campaigns to cover every product and product category, but also addressing  users' concerns and specific cosmetic ingredients. We used the approach on both shopping and search channels.

Reaching potential customers on social media

We leveraged both first-party and 2nd party data on social media to boost the number of customers and revenue on Kiehls website. We made a great effort classifying Kiehls first party data, organising Kiehl’s catalog and product feeds, to serve a refined remarketing strategy and campaign structure. We retarget potential customers and current customers with relevant products or offers related to their concerns. We paid great attention to creative optimization to make the most out of Facebook native audiences, more than 5700 ads have been created since the account creation.


Kiehls has succesfully 2x their e-commerce revenue and 3x their website traffic.

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Feb 2020

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