Growth Strategy

We advise founders on strategic decisions by creating data driven growth roadmaps.

1. Business opportunity analysis

This is an introspection session, by asking the right questions and crunching the numbers, we pin down the key impact areas where we can activate and amplify growth.

We focus on

  • ▸Technology
  • ▸Process
  • ▸Content
  • ▸Creative
  • ▸Campaigns
  • ▸SEO
  • ▸Analytics
  • ▸Business and financial modeling
  • ▸Lifecycle and lifetime value
  • ▸Internal opportunity mapping

This enables us to have clarity with regards to the inner workings of your business.

2. Market opportunity analysis

What is the world up to, how does your business fit in? Here we get to know and understand the market. We identify key trends and opportunities your business can leverage.

We focus on

  • ▸Market trends
  • ▸Market sizing
  • ▸External opportunity mapping
  • ▸Data mining
  • ▸Data modeling

Once we have an in-depth understanding of your environment, we move onto internal and external alignment.

3. Opportunity mapping and strategy development

In collaboration with your team, we build a robust growth map, by aligning the areas within your business where we can activate and amplify growth, with the opportunities in the market.

We focus on

  • ▸Growth experimentation map
  • ▸Growth stack development
  • ▸Organic and earned strategies
  • ▸North star metric identification
  • ▸Feedback and shared insight process

Once we have a clear strategic growth map, we move onto the deployment phase.

4. Strategic deployment

Action! With a clear growth map, measurable goals, and a north star metric to chase, we strategically deploy your growth strategy

We focus on

  • ▸Strategic deployment
  • ▸Measurement
  • ▸Optimisation
  • ▸Insight gathering
  • ▸Feedback loops
  • ▸Re ignition

This is an ongoing process, together we learn, iterate and grow your team and your business.